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S.F. Mayor Ed Lee pushed to run for post | San Francisco Chronicle

Thursday May, 19 2011
On Wednesday, two former San Francisco supervisors began a cyber "Run, Ed, Run" campaign. "We already know what he has said. We're working to change his mind," said Michael Yaki, who with fellow former San Francisco Supervisor Jim Gonzalez formed the Draft Ed Lee Organizing Committee, which went live Wednesday with a blast e-mail to potential supporters, Facebook page, online petition and website (
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Former supervisors pushing Ed Lee to run for full term as mayor of San Francisco | SF Examiner |

May 18, 2011
A new website run by two former supervisors is calling for supporters of interim Mayor Ed Lee to sign a petition urging him to run for a full term in November. The idea is to create a grass-roots campaign that will resonate with Lee, according to former Supervisor Michael Yaki.

Yaki, who was appointed as a supervisor in 1996 by then-Mayor Willie Brown, is running the effort with Jim Gonzalez, who was appointed as a supervisor in 1986 by Mayor Dianne Feinstein. Both are now consultants and have worked on politically charged issues.
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Group Quietly Begins Effort to Push Mayor Ed Lee to Run for Re-Election | The Bay Citizen |

May 18, 2011
At least two former San Francisco supervisors have quietly begun to gather signatures and raise funds to push interim Mayor Ed Lee to run for re-election in November, people with knowledge of the groups activities told The Bay Citizen. The supervisors have close ties to some of Lee's most prominent political supporters, including former Mayor Willie Brown and U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.
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"Run, Ed, run" say Mayor Lees backers | San Francisco Business Times |

May 18, 2011
If hes said it once, hes said it one thousand times: Ed Lee wont run for mayor. So what, say some folks who want to see him run for a full term. Today former San Francisco Supervisors Michael Yaki and Jim Gonzalez launched an online petition and Facebook page aimed at prodding Mayor Lee to continue being Mayor Lee. This is an absolute real thing, said Yaki. People ask us all the time do you think Mayor Lee would change his mind about running? Lee, who became mayor after Gavin Newsom bolted town to become lieutenant governor, has a term that expires in January next year. The deadline for filing to run for mayor is Aug. 12. The only way he could ever change his mind is if the people of San Francisco give him permission to, Yaki said.
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Ed Lee elected as Mayor: The Voters get the Last Word.

November 9, 2011
Some months past, former Supervisor Jim Gonzalez and I were having some particularly tasty Chinese food in, of all places, Chinatown, and decided and no, there was no alcohol involved, as those of you who know me can attest that the City needed to keep Ed Lee as Mayor, and that we were going to do something about it. Not quite like an Andy Hardy movie, where Jim and I exclaimed Lets Draft a Mayor! but pretty damn close. After speaking to a few key opinion leaders, including former Mayor Willie Brown, we decided that we were onto something and launched our Draft Mayor Ed Lee organizing committee.
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A Dirty Business: Time to End Pasadena's reliance on Coal Power

January 1, 2010
Burning 16,500 tons of coal a day. Emitting 16 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Ranked the 20th-dirtiest coal-fired power plant, in terms of volume of carbon dioxide emissions, in the United States. Ranked 12th-dirtiest in terms of nitrogen oxide emissions.
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S.F.'s Milk blazed trail followed by Sacramentans

December 6, 2008
Many of the events depicted in the film "Milk" - which opened Friday in Sacramento - took place not all that far away in time and space.
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Is Proposition 7, the Solar and Clean Energy Act, a Critical Tool or Critically Flawed?

October 16, 2008
Say what you will of Al Gore, he does have a vision. On July 17, he called for the nation to embark on a man-on-the-moon effort to achieve 100 percent "renewable and other truly clean carbon-free" electricity in just 10 years.
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Vote yes on Proposition 7

October 08, 2008
Californians will decide the fate of two energy-related initiatives next month.
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The Pelosi You Haven't Heard of Makes Some Waves

Roll Call December 11, 2006
Jim Gonzalez, a longtime friend and chairman of the New House PAC, said that he and Larry Scanlon of AFSCME had enlisted Pelosi's help to jump-start the program in 2005 when they learned that she was returning to California.
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Apuestan al peso político del voto hispano

La Opinión 21 de octubre de 2006
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Latinos voting for change in key republican held congressional districts, non-partisan suryey finds; War in Iraq labeled "a mistake"

October 5, 2006
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Los votantes latinos defenderán sus prioridades: seguro médico e inmigración

La Opinión 5 de julio de 2006
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Interview with former SF Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. about "Run Ed Run!" 5.22.11