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Political Campaigns

  • Advertising Production and Placement
  • Grassroots Mobilization
  • Latino Voter Mobilization
  • Media Relations
  • Message Development
  • Microtargeting
  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Public Policy Research
  • Website Development

Our firm has decades of experience in providing clients with insightful strategies and proven results. From our successful message development to our in-depth analysis, we offer our clients effective campaign strategies and tactics.

We have extensive experience in creating cutting edge broadcast media and direct mail. Our in-house data processing allows for microtargeted voter identification and outreach through television, radio, mail and telephone.

Through our knowledge of volunteer recruitment and mobilization, we can work with you to create a successful, targeted field plan.

We work with our clients to create websites that fit their particular needs. From websites that enhance visibility to closed websites for internal management, our firm can create a website that works for you.

Latino Voter Mobilization

For over the past six years, JG&A has implemented the most effective Latino messaging and voter turnout strategies. Mobilizing Latino voters has long been JG&A's special expertise and we have made the crucial difference in major election contests.

Nevada 2010
Through independent campaigns, JG&A created a Latino GOTV strategy specific to Nevada's 2010 election environment mobilized the Latino vote to be the margin of victory needed to re-elect Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada's 2010 election.

JG&A implemented voter contact and mobilization efforts both on the ground and in the media. Ground outreach focused on the Latino and Labor Union Community with 15 community organizers engaging communities in southern Nevada. JG&A developed a bi-lingual team that collaborated with the State's AFL-CIO Labor 2010 Campaign to mobilize over 270,000 labor members and their families to vote.

In 2012, JG&A developed a new state of the art Latino voter contact strategy. JG&A identified Arizona uniquely as "Ground Zero" for major Latino issues and mobilization due to changing demographics; and political turmoil over divisive laws like SB 1070, the groundswell to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the ban on Mexican American studies in the Tucson Unified School District, and the potential election of Arizona's first Latino U.S. Senator.

Ground outreach centered 11 bilingual community organizers in southern Arizona to promote civic engagement and to increase early voting participation for Latino families. JG&A, through its alliance with the Latino Policy Coalition recruited a bilingual army of over one hundred volunteers to increase Latino voter registration and turnout. JG&A helped register and turnout 100,000 more Latino voters over 2008.

International Government Relations

JG&A can assist U.S. companies with their public policy interests involving Mexico and Latin America. We also work with international corporations that are seeking to do business in the U.S. Our firm provides a wide range of research and government affairs services, including social, political and financial climate analysis, international exchange and trade mission planning, professional translations, interpretation and language services.

Public Policy Events

Our firm can design and implement your public policy meetings, educational seminars and press briefings. From concept to reality, JG&A can assist with the development of the event and perform the logistical management of the event.